Deepwater Horizon Boiler/Griller/Smoker

During the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill, R&R Rigs was contacted to build a trailer that had the capability to boil seafood as well as to grill and smoke meats.  In order to create a trailer that could handle this capacity, R&R Rigs designed and fabricated a custom Boiler/Griller/Smoker Trailer which had 3 large boiling pots on one side and a two-tiered double grill with duel smokers below the grilling area which could fit an entire pig in each smoker.  This was built as a 20′ trailer with a sink, grey water tank, and gas generator installed inside a work table towards the front of the trailer.  On the very front of this catering trailer, we installed two 100-gallon propane tanks, the most propane allowed by the DOT to travel on a concession trailer.  This full-capacity, versatile trailer was constructed entirely out of steel and high-grade aluminum, both smooth and diamond plate.

To view detailed slideshows of the components of this trailer, Click on the Pictures Below.




Exterior Finishes


Interior Finishes


Grill / Smoker


Boiling Pot System


Work Table Area


Test Run Part 1


Test Run Part 2

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