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Burner Purchase Options

  • Our Propane Jet Burner, which we nicknamed “the six pack,” has 6 mixing chambers with precisely drilled orifices to allow the proper amount of propane gas to mix with oxygen to produce a high-yield, super-heated “blue flame,” which is perfect for heatingPropane jet burners from R&R Rigs are specifically designed to superheat large pots used for boiling or frying and to bring water or oil to a boil quickly. oil or water very quickly.

    This Jet Burner is perfect for backyard boilers who have built their own pot setup and currently are using a homemade pipe burner or a smaller version of a jet burner. Below are the Product Details:

    • Frame: Hand-Cut and Custom Welded Steel
    • Finish: Heat Resistant Black Paint
    • Heat Output: 510,000* BTU
    • Capacity: Can Be Used With a 20# Propane Tank and Larger
    • Includes: The Following Items Are Included
      • 10′, 1/2″ ID UL Approved Hose With Brass Connects
      • 30 PSI High Pressure Adjustable Regulator
      • 1/2″ Propane Tank Regulator Adapter
    • Does Not Include: Actual Propane Tank


    *BTU’s depend on outside temperature and gas efficiency. Calculation of BTU’s listed above is an estimate.

  • Burner:

    • Product Width (left to right): 13.25″
    • Product Depth (front to back): 19.75″
    • Product Height (bottom to top): 5″
    • Product Weight: 10lb.
    • Shipping Weight: 15lb.


    Propane Regulator (required):

    • Adjustable High Pressure Regulator-1200 Series
    • Output Pressure: 0-30 PSI
    • Capacity: 750,000 BTU’s
    • 1/2″ Inlet
    • 1/2″ Outlet


    High Pressure Hose:

    • Hose Length: 10′
    • Hose Diameter: 1/4″ ID
    • ID UL Approved Hose
    • Hose has 1/4″ Brass Connects to Attach to Propane Regulator


    Propane Tank Regulator Adapter:

    1/2″ Opening to Attach to the Adjustable Propane Regulator and a 20# Propane Tank

  • Burner Material: Steel
    Fuel Type: Propane
    Burner Framework: Welded Steel
    Burner Finish: Black Heat Resistant Paint
    Propane Regulator Specs: 30 PSI
    Propane Regulator Use: An Adjustable Regulator of a MINIMUM of 30PSI IS REQUIRED
    Pieces Shipped:
    6-Pack Propane Jet Burner, Pressure Hose, Adjustable Regulator, and Propane Tank Adapter
    Assembly Required: No
    Capacity: Will Boil 50 & Less Gallons of Liquid Extremely Fast; Will Boil 50+ Gallons (Up to 150 Gallons of Liquid) With Ease
    Number of Items Shipped: 4
    Product Usage: OUTDOOR USE ONLY
    Product Care:
    Let burner cool down completely after use before handling with bare hands. Store in a dry place to prevent rusting.
    Manufacturer Warranty (General): 1 year limited
    Manufacturer Warranty (Parts): 1 year limited
    Manufacturer Warranty (Labor): 1 year limited
  • Our Policies

    • Fire Warning: This product is a BURNER – it is flammable; it is dangerous. It will BURN YOU and/or DESTROY your pots or containers if you incorrectly use the included propane regulator, or if you “crank up” the propane jet burner and “walk off” and forget it.  This propane jet burner should be used OUTSIDE ONLY, in a well-ventilated area because if propane gas accumulates in a closed-in area, it will EXPLODE when lit. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK WITH EXTREME CAUTION.
    • Your Reponsibility: By purchasing this propane jet burner, you (the buyer / purchaser) assume all responsibilities for all damages, both mental and physical, from the irresponsible or incorrect usage of this propane jet burner. You should also expect to expose parts of your body (arms, hair, face/facial hair, etc.) to extreme heat when lighting the propane jet burner, placing pots on the burner, and removing pots from the burner.
    • Our Requirements: Buyers of our Propane Jet Burners must use the jet burner OUTSIDE – this burner is for OUTSIDE USE only. This Propane Jet Burner MUST be used with an Adjustable Propane Regulator adjustable to AT LEAST 30PSI. This product is FLAMMABLE – buyers MUST use EXTREME CAUTION when using this product.


    Shipping Information

    • Product Shipment: These custom-made Propane Jet Burners are made to order. Because of this, Jet Burners are shipped within 5 days of the order.  This time period IS NOT the time the product will take to ship. Delivery time is added to the 5-day time period.
    • International Shipping: Propane Jet Burners can be shipped internationally by the United States Post Office Priority Mail International which should be cheaper than FedEx or UPS. For international orders, a representative of R&R Rigs will contact you to get approval for your international shipping rate before the propane jet burner is mailed out. For More Information About International Shipping, Contact Burners@RandRRigs.com.


    Sales Policies

    • Payment must be made at the time of purchase of the Complete Burner Setup, Burner Only Purchase, or Purchase of the Accessories.
    • R&R Rigs accepts credit card, debit card, and PayPal payments for all items.
    • Your credit card or debit card is charged at the time and place of your payment.
    • No item(s) may be returned/refunded without the written approval of R&R Rigs. Contact R&R Rigs at Burners@RandRRigs.com or Call 985-377-9353 to receive written consent and instructions of how and where to return your item(s) for either a complete refund or warranty work.


    Returns / Refunds Policies

    • R&R Rigs will accept returns of and will issue a refund for any of the items listed above if the item(s) are returned within 10 days of purchase, and the items HAVE NOT BEEN USED.  If the returned item(s) have been used, a refund will not be issued by R&R Rigs.
    • The customer must provide proof of purchase (a purchase receipt – online or physical) when requesting a refund of the item(s) being returned.
    • The customer must contact R&R Rigs prior to shipping any of the items listed above back to R&R Rigs.  Any products sent back to R&R Rigs for warranty work without prior approval by R&R Rigs will be refused.
    • All C.O.D. or freight collect shipments will be refused by R&R Rigs.
    • The customer is reponsible for the packaging and shipping back of any of the items listed above to R&R Rigs at the customer’s cost. R&R Rigs is not responsible for items shipped by the customer that are “lost in the mail” and never arrive, or items that are damaged during shipment.
    • All returned items are subject to evaluation by R&R Rigs to determine the reason / extent of the damage.


    Warranty Policies

    • R&R Rigs offers a limited 1-year warranty on the propane jet burner, adjustable propane regulator, the high prssure hose, and the propane tank adapter which are sold with the Complete Burner Setup. The warranty is a general warranty which covers parts and labor for a one-year time period.
    • The warranty includes FIRST, the attempted repair of any of the items listed above. If R&R Rigs determines that items cannot be repaired, they will be replaced by R&R Rigs.
    • R&R Rigs will not be reponsible for replacing or repairing any items listed above through our warranty program if R&R Rigs decides that the damage done was attributed to burn-out, rust, misue, or problems which occurred because of a lack of maintenance or no maintenance of the product.
    • If R&R Rigs deems that the item(s) are damaged and repairs are made by R&R Rigs, then the cost of shipment back to the customer will be covered by R&R Rigs.


    Privacy Policy

    All information provided to R&R Rigs by our customers either through direct contact through our website or by payment information collected at the time of purchase will not be shared, sold, or used by R&R Rigs for any purpose, other than customer service correspondence or the processing of payment only for the item(s) purchased by the customer. Payment information is protected by encryption through ‘https:’.

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Burner Purchase Options

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